Best Gaming Chair Under $200

You probably spend hours playing video games on your computer. After playing for so many hours, your gaming controller becomes a limb of yours. The chair you sit on for hours should be too. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy gaming as much as you were supposed to do. If it’s not a comfortable pc gaming chair, after playing for a while your arms, back and neck might hurt.

best gaming chair under 200


So, it’s important that you buy a comfy pc gaming chair. But you probably are also thinking about your budget as you’re likely to be thinking of spending most of it on new video games.

So, here we’re presenting to you Top 10 comfy pc gaming chairs that will cost you no more than $200.



Top 10 Best Gaming Chair Under $200


1. Tracing Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable and stylish gaming chairs you can have under $200. Its adjustable headrest pillow will allow you to rest your neck and the lumbar cushion will help you to have a comfortable and healthy posture while you’re playing. You can adjust the height of your seat and armrest, which will give you extra ease.

You can lie down a bit if you get too tired, thanks to its up to 170-degree reclining angle. Its two-color design is also matched with the action gaming profile. So, if you’re looking for a gaming chair with many features and killer looks, this is the chair you might want to have.


  1. Has headrest and lumbar pillow
  2. Recline up to 170 degree
  3. Stylish


  1. No footrest
  2. A bit too flashy for some


2. Remaxe Large Size Computer Gaming Chair

Large Size Computer Gaming Chair Ergomonic Racing Chair with Retractable Footrest

Another great ergonomic gaming chair that will give you great comfort. Just like GTracing Gaming Chair, its adjustable headrest pillow and the lumbar cushion will keep your neck and back cozy. Plus, as an extra feature, you will get back massage.

Although only the lumbar pad vibrates, it still helps you ease after long hours of gaming. Its adjustable footrest will also allow your feet to get comfortable as much as your other limbs.

Its wider headrest pillow, thicker armrest, and larger seat cushion will give you extra comfort. Up to 180-degree reclining angle will allow you to lie down. This all-black cool designed gaming chair can also be used in offices.


  1. Lumbar support massager
  2. Has adjustable footrest
  3. Has headrest and lumbar pillow
  4. Can also be used as an office chair


  1. Armrests are a bit thin


3. Respawn-110 Racing Style Chair

Unlike most gaming chairs, this chair has padded armrest, which will give your elbow extra comfort. And of course, this chair also has a headrest and lumbar pillow. It just doesn’t take care of your arms, it has extendable footrest as well, which keeps your feet comfy as much as your arms and back.

It reclines up to 130 degrees. Its armrests also slide back when the chair is reclined, which lets your arms rest even when you lie down.


  1. Padded Armrests
  2. Has footrest
  3. Limited lifetime warranty


  1. A bit more expensive than others on this list
  2. Reclines only up to 130 degree


4. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair


Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair is one of the cheapest chairs on this list. If you want a chair of high quality and comfort without spending much, then this is the chair you have been looking for. Its headrest pillow and lumbar support will give your neck and back comfort.

You can move freely while you are sitting, thanks to its weight-activated multi-purpose castors. However, as its movement brake is weight-activated, it won’t have any unwanted movement when you stand up or sit down.

Its adjustable reclination will give you extra comfort. It also has the footrest for the comfort of your feet. Its Class-3 gas lift is absolute explosion-proof. So, if budget is a big issue, you should go for it.


  1. High-quality PU leather
  2. Quiet and smooth caster wheels


  1. Hard to set up


5. Killbee Large Gaming Chair

Killbee Large Gaming Chair Ergonomic Reclining Computer Chair


Killbee Large Gaming Chair – from the name of the chair, you might already have understood that this chair is larger than the regular ergonomic chairs. If you are taller or bigger than regular people, you probably do not get much comfort in regular chairs and looking for a chair that you can sit comfortably on. Well, look no further.

Its extra-large seat and wider & taller back will support you however you move. Its padded armrest will give your arms extra comfort.

However, one drawback of this chair is that it does not have any headrest pillow, lumbar support or footrest. But it’s specially designed back will make up for its lack of neck and lumbar support.


  1. Quite comfortable for large and tall people.


  1. No headrest or lumbar pillow


6. Uomax Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Uomax Big and Tall Gaming Chair is another comfortable chair for bigger people. Its wide seat and back, and high-density foam give you extra comfort. If you think of having a quick break from your gaming, you can have it on the chair thanks to its 180-degree declination. The chair even has a vibrating feature using USB, which gives relaxation while gaming.


  1. Wingless seat and tall back is perfect for bigger and taller people.
  2. 4.8″ thick cushion is very comfortable to sit on.
  3. Reclines all the way to 180 degrees.
  4. Lumbar pillow massaging.


  1. Faint odor in new chairs


7. Elecwish Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

This ergonomic chair has a thickened and widened seat. Footrest and padded, paralleled adjustable armrest give your feet and arms as much comfort as your back and neck, which you get due to its adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. It has an auto tilt-back feature, which gives you extra comfort.

You can also lock the reclination into certain angles. Its foldable 5-star base certified by BIFMA with smooth caster wheels gives you noise and scratch-less movement. This is another great chair that can also be used for official uses.


  1. Smooth, anti-scratch caster wheels
  2. Padded Armrests
  3. Has footrest




8. Cyrola Large Gaming Chair

This is another high-quality ergonomic chair for bigger people. Its high-density thick cushion will give you the best of comforts. In addition to soft cushion, there are adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows, which will give your neck and back some extra comfort.

There is also a built-in footrest for the comfort of your feet. 180-degree reclination of this chair will allow you to lie down and even take a nap, and you will feel no less than a bed.


  1. Thick cushion
  2. Built-in footrest
  3. Reclines up to 180 degree


  1. Little ventilation at the back


9. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Just like other ergonomic chairs, it has a headrest and lumbar pillow. But the thing that makes it stand out from others is its massive 4.8-inch thick foam. It makes it an extra comfortable chair. It also has the vibrating feature at the lumbar support with two different settings, which will help you to release your tension.

Another cool thing about this chair is its customer service. You will get a replacement or money-back support within 30 days. There is also a 12-month warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame.


  1. Massaging lumbar pillow
  2. Thick cushion
  3. Great customer support


  1. Can be a bit squeaky


10. Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

Wensix Ergonomic High Back PC Gaming Chair is a great chair for the gamers. Its thick cushion, headrest, and lumbar pillow will give you comfort during the long hours of gaming. No matter how long you sit on this chair, you won’t feel any pain. Its footrest gives your feet some extra comfort.

180 reclination of this chair will allow you to lie down. You can adjust the height of the chair as well as the armrest so that you can continue your gaming comfortably.


  1. Great after-sale customer support
  2. 180-degree reclination




Quite a few things, for instance, budget, the comfort of different parts of the body, material, customer service and so on have come into consideration while listing these gaming chairs.

Having every little detail considered, we hope that we could help you find your ideal pc gaming chair under $200. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties. Learn more

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